Oh, and 

(1) I'll start the profile table (to match with our data guy)


(2) I thought Phil's Indiana's comments were very useful, and spot on in
a lot of ways. I think the RSS feeds will be used in modules (am I using
the right terminology? Likely not) mostly by existing groups, and then
you'll see the following development:

get involved in campaign
leads to
sign up for Deanster (working Name, I know I know)
leads to
finding friends and making contacts w/similar interests
leads to
lets start our own page
leads to 
hey, there's a way to start our own page and stay connected (deanspace(

My hunch is you'll see 500,000 on Deanster, and 500 or so drupal groups,
and any more of the latter would be too many. But we'll see! You never
know, which is part of the excitement -- we do know that what you're
working on is responding to real grassroots needs right now, but not how
folks will end up using them. 

Zephyr Teachout
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Get local at http://action.deanforamerica.com
Contribute at http://www.deanforamerica.com/contribute

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Here's a draft of my design doc for Deanster (a.k.a. the talend 
database, the visible volunteers, the "front room"). Please excuse the 
parts that aren't quite filled in yet and feel free to correct me where 
I'm wrong:



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