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> Independent of the terminology, I believe it is crucial
> for any sort of online community building tool to facilitate 
> interaction
> between the users above and beyond merely listing information.  I am
> concerned from what I am hearing, that such functionality seems to be
> missing from 'Deanster' and I feel that needs to be addressed.

What you see now is an attempt at a first iteration of this service. I 
find the three-step development methodology of "crawl, walk, run" to 
generally be helpful.

Right now all the campaign has is a bank of email addresses and no way 
to connect them. Step one is to let people put a face to the name, seek 
each other out and make connections. Step two will be allowing them to 
express themselves a little more through the system. Step three will be 
layering on the xpertweb tools to handle reputation and tasks.

> It may be that it is best addressed by avoiding too strong a 
> bifurcation
> between 'Deanster' and 'DeanSpace'.

Indeed. When it comes to creating voluminous content and original forms 
of expression, we need to trust that people will find a place for that 
in the wider deanspace (or just online in general), and can link to 
that via their profile. This is the same as how I link to my own blog 
from my ryze profile.

> P.S.  Personally, I think the Friendster UI sucks.

Different strokes for different folks I suppose. The layout on Ryze is 
highly overcrowded and chaotic to my eye. Friendster is a lot more 


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