Independent of the terminology, I believe it is crucial
for any sort of online community building tool to facilitate interaction
between the users above and beyond merely listing information. I am
concerned from what I am hearing, that such functionality seems to be
missing from 'Deanster' and I feel that needs to be addressed.

What you see now is an attempt at a first iteration of this service. I find the three-step development methodology of "crawl, walk, run" to generally be helpful.

Right now all the campaign has is a bank of email addresses and no way to connect them. Step one is to let people put a face to the name, seek each other out and make connections. Step two will be allowing them to express themselves a little more through the system. Step three will be layering on the xpertweb tools to handle reputation and tasks.

It may be that it is best addressed by avoiding too strong a bifurcation
between 'Deanster' and 'DeanSpace'.

Indeed. When it comes to creating voluminous content and original forms of expression, we need to trust that people will find a place for that in the wider deanspace (or just online in general), and can link to that via their profile. This is the same as how I link to my own blog from my ryze profile.

P.S. Personally, I think the Friendster UI sucks.

Different strokes for different folks I suppose. The layout on Ryze is highly overcrowded and chaotic to my eye. Friendster is a lot more simple.


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