On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 07:04:41AM -0700, CMR wrote:
> > - Node hosting as we had planned looks to be out.  We cannot raise our own
> > money - if we became a PAC we couldnt coordinate at all with HQ, we would
> > become useless.   They cannot pay for the hosting unless the sites became
> > official.  However, it is expected that there will be ISP's willing to
> offer
> > to host and help set up the tools for communities who want to use them
> (for a
> > price of course).  This would get us halfway there (if the ISP's set up
> the
> > scripts and we just had to teach them how to admin it).  More on the
> later....
> >
> Well, I remain ready to kick down for a big chunck of linux hosting space,
> setup fees plus the first few months (say, till we know if Dean will be a
> real phenom or a shooting star - or by super-tuesday); I want to put up my
> own e-zine anyway so it wouldn't cost much more to get a boodie-load of
> space and data transfer; wouldn't need much in the way of tools since we
> have so many mega-geeks involved; just need SOLID and FAST tech support to
> ensure absolute minimal down time. I don't think there'd be any legal
> issues, I'd just be donating space for a cause, period; my dime, nobody's
> else's bidness.

It's very likely to be worth looking into people who already host blogs -- if
their politics are compatible, they might be interested in doing something
for local campaigns.  I'm thinking of Highertech, who host Flutterby, as an
example (though I have no knowledge about whether they'd actually be

Alternatively, committees might look into sharing a colo box -- I can't see
that you couldn't put 20 or 30 local campaigns (for places almost, but not
entirely unlike New York City) on on box, if not more -- and that breaks the
cost down nicely, and guarantees that you'll have the software loadout you

I gather Drupal (about which I know Nossing!  Nossing!! :-) has been

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