On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 03:26:21PM -0500, zachary rosen wrote:
> > I think that, as I noted in my immediately previous email, delineating
> > between a4d and h4d is probably something close to critical here.  *I* tend
> > to think a4d might get embroiled, but that h4d probably shouldn't, and that
> > that split will make lots of people lots of happier.
> >
> > But what do *I* know; I just got here.  :-)
> Well, when we decide on the name for the network it may end up that both
> h4d and a4d get trashed.  My proposition a week ago so far has met no
> resistance: that we should decide a network name, and buy a domain like:
> deanspace.net - and set up the open source development community working
> on the network there. The devlogs can be moved over to the new domain, and
> the test node applications / feedback / tech help desk could aslo be
> housed there.  Then A4D can become , if we can find admins, an unnoficial
> "top node" to the network, and eventually DFA will become the official
> "top node".  Comments / concerns / objections?

Yeah, I think that your recap fails to address my point.  :-)

a4d is *a* network.

It's using tools developed by, for lack of a better name to clarify the
point: hackers4democracy.

Was that enough, or should I go to round 3?  :-)
> > And yes, (alas) they're likely to have to come from the political side of the
> > house.  I think, as much as anything else, the job over here in hackland is
> > going to be to get the questions down into single sentences without losing
> > anything...  At least, that's what I've done for clients for about 20 years,
> > and it seems to work well.  If I can help..
> So far my feedback from HQ has been stellar.  They have been fine with
> everything we've thrown at them basically, save the node hoster - and that
> one isnt their choice.  I have no concerns over  potential nefarious  meme
> squashing rampages on their parts. You are correct, we cannot afford
> mistakes - and Burlington probbly does not really know how to handle this,
> because it has never really been handled before.  IMO so far they are
> doing a stellar job.

Yes, except for the Lessig (let's call a spade) debacle.  :-)  But I think
that the people who assert that this is as much a generic project, *inspired*
by the Dean candidacy, as one specifically *for* DFA are, and ought to be,

And I think the organization needs to reflect that.

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