Zephyr wrote:
> Subject: [hackers] Naming
> We don't want to call it a network, for a bunch of reasons.
> (a) First, it suggests control or centralness -- which we don't want
> (i.e, join our network instead of start your site).

I think our sense of network differs from yours, thinking of
distributed/decentralized networks. Since the term is subject to
interpretation, tho, it's probably best not to use it.

> Instead, we are going to present it as a kit. Would you like to start
> your own website for Dean? It's not hard. We'll provide you the tools
> do it, and there are hundreds of volunteer administrators who will
> help to make it easy.
> The question, then, is what to call the kit?
> Ultimately, that's a Trippi question, but lets generate lots of ideas.
> My working name is "Dean Community Sites" or "Dean Space Community
> Sites"
> Start your own ...

List Dean first and it suggests ownership, which you don't want. I'd go the
"for Dean" route: e.g. Communities for Dean or Netizens for Dean. (Netizens
is a word Wired used to toss around, still has currency.)

> Here are our campaign themes, generally stated:
> Bringing people back into the political process
> Restoring our role as an idealistic moral force in the world
> Building a New American Community
> We also use "people-powered howard" frequently.
> Start your own... people powered howard site?

I love that!


Jon Lebkowsky
CEO/Catalyst, Polycot

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