Hi Haifa guys

 Thanks for the replies that offered help, and to
Alon Altman who went and solve the problem!

As for this youth club, I got a small donation from
a fund to purchase several computers (about 5

As you can guess, I prefer to install Linux Ubuntu,
and I wonder what computers to purchase.

The target again is to run simple tasks like
browser, low-end games, etc. So I think a simple PC
will do.

Any recommendation for HW to be used?

-          Motherboard is the most critical part
here, from drivers’ point of view. Any recommended
vendor? I prefer AMD due to cost - any idea which
specific CPU?

-          Memory: will 512MB be enough? Or shall I
go directly to 1GB?

-          Hard drive: will SATA2 be a problem? (I
prefer to save budget and stay with IDE, but I am
not sure if I can find such). I guess 80GB is large
enough for such application, right?

-          VGA and sound: on board or are you
recommending a low-cost add on card

And above all – I need a reliable vendor to buy
from. (Not to far from Gesher Paz)

Thanks in advanced!


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