Hi Haifa guys

 Thanks for the replies that offered help, and to Alon Altman who went and
solve the problem!

As for this youth club, I got a small donation from a fund to purchase
several computers (about 5 computers).

As you can guess, I prefer to install Linux Ubuntu, and I wonder what
computers to purchase.

The target again is to run simple tasks like browser, low-end games, etc. So
I think a simple PC will do.

Low-end is very subjective... I'll assume you mean games like the ones
that come with Gnome (card games, Sudoku, etc.)

Any recommendation for HW to be used?

-          Motherboard is the most critical part here, from drivers' point
of view. Any recommended vendor? I prefer AMD due to cost - any idea which
specific CPU?

I really like ABit for motherboards. I'd especially recommend trying
to get a fanless one - moving parts are a reliability issue.

I have had good experience with AMD processors. See if you can still
find 32-bit ones, as you will probably gain nothing from installing
64-bit Linux in this situation; partly due to the fact that many
closed-source applications (notably Flash) are very difficult, if not
impossible, to install on a 64-bit Linux platform.

-          Memory: will 512MB be enough? Or shall I go directly to 1GB?

For the purposes you've described, 512MB is enough. Be sure to take it
in one slot though, for an option to add more later.

-          Hard drive: will SATA2 be a problem? (I prefer to save budget and
stay with IDE, but I am not sure if I can find such). I guess 80GB is large
enough for such application, right?

I don't know about SATA2, I've never tried... shouldn't be a problem.
80GB is certainly large enough as long as you don't intend to store
massive amounts of media (music & movies).

-          VGA and sound: on board or are you recommending a low-cost add on

Not much of a reason to adding an external card here; External VGA
cards are only helpful if you do high-end gaming (or in the absence of
an on-board card), and external sound cards are mostly helpful for
recording high-end quality sound.

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