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> Any recommendation for HW to be used?
> ...
> -          VGA and sound: on board or are you
> recommending a low-cost add on card

Since these days anybody with Nvidia/ATI card has to fight to have
minimal 3D (even to play tuxracer, not to mention beryl/compiz fun)
I think that rules them out.

That basically leaves Intel on-board chipsets which are supported
out of the box by any modern Xorg.

An exception: One of my Pentium 4's have an on-board old ATI chipset
(Radeon 9100 IGP) -- it was bought before found about better alternatives.
This board "magically" started to have 3D acceleration after a normal
update of Xorg ~6 months ago (the chipset is old and featureless enough
that new versions of the free radeon driver caught up).
While miracles like that may happen, I keep myself away from depending on
them by avoiding ATI/Nvidia.


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