Le dimanche 18 octobre 2009 12:05:55, Willy Tarreau a écrit :
> Cyril, I have merged your two patches.

Thanks ! I'm thinking of working on a second patch.
The documentation says that appsession looks for the session in the query 
string but this is not really the case. Currently, it parses the first path 
parameter (followed by ';').
I would like to add an option to decide if appsession parses path parameters 
(not only the first one) or the query string parameters so it can work for URLs 
like "http://website/path?PHPSESSID="; for example.

> I applied a very minor change,
> I removed the appsession_option field and used the normal proxy options
> instead ; it was not necessary to add 32 bits to the proxy while there
> were plenty available for that purpose.

You're right, this was not useful, I didn't want to conflict with some 
potential other patches.

> I have also added a few lines in the doc about the new keyword

Yes, the most important part of the patch was missing :)

Cyril Bonté

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