Hello Willy,
sorry, I didn't have time to work on the patch as I wanted.

Le jeudi 5 novembre 2009 06:19:41, Willy Tarreau a écrit :
> > Sorry but I can't see in the haproxy sources how the cookie prefix can be 
> > used for appsession.
> > "capture cookie" allows to find this cookie prefix but it seems there's no 
> > code to then use it in appsession. If it's the case, I can work on it these 
> > next days, if you want.
> OK you're indeed right. So since this "feature" has never been
> usable nor used, let's fix it as you initially proposed.

It works well but I have a question before considering the patch finalized :)
As using the captured cookie may add an unwanted behaviour in some existant 
configurations, I set it as an option.
First I added it as I did for "request-learn" but shouldn't it be better to 
define these options more "haproxy like" (using "option" and "no option") ?

Which would give :
(no) option appsession-request-learn
(no) option appsession-capture-cookie

Cyril Bonté

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