Hi again,

so I tried to get this to work, but didn't manage yet. I also don't quite
understand how this is supposed to work. The first haproxy process is
started _without_ the -x option, is that correct? Where does that instance
ever create the socket for transfer to later instances?

I have it working now insofar that on reload, subsequent instances are
spawned with the -x option, but they'll just complain that they can't get
anything from the unix socket (because, for all I can tell, it's not
there?). I also can't see the relevant code path where this socket gets
created, but I didn't have time to read all of it yet.

Am I doing something wrong? Did anyone get this to work with the
systemd-wrapper so far?

Also, but this might be a coincidence, my test setup takes a huge
performance penalty just by applying your patches (without any reloading
whatsoever). Did this happen to anybody else? I'll send some numbers and
more details tomorrow.

Thanks a lot,

On 04/12/2017 03:47 PM, Conrad Hoffmann wrote:
> On 04/12/2017 03:37 PM, Olivier Houchard wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 03:16:31PM +0200, Conrad Hoffmann wrote:
>>> Hi Olivier,
>>> I was very eager to try out your patch set, thanks a lot! However, after
>>> applying all of them (including the last three), it seems that using
>>> environment variables in the config is broken (i.e. ${VARNAME} does not get
>>> replaced with the value of the environment variable anymore). I am using
>>> the systemd-wrapper, but not systemd.
>>> Just from looking at the patches I couldn't make out what exactly might be
>>> the problem. I guess it could be either the wrapper not passing on its
>>> environment properly or haproxy not using it properly anymore. If you have
>>> any immediate ideas, let me know. I'll try to fully debug this when I can
>>> spare the time.
>>> Thanks a lot,
>>> Conrad
>> Hi Conrad,
>> You're right, that was just me being an idiot :)
>> Please replace 
>> 0007-MINOR-systemd-wrapper-add-support-for-passing-the-x-.patch
>> with the one attached, or just replace in src/haproxy-systemd-wrapper.c :
>> argv = calloc(4 + main_argc + nb_pid + 1 +
>>                  stats_socket != NULL ? 2 : 0, sizeof(char *));
>> by :
>> argv = calloc(4 + main_argc + nb_pid + 1 +
>>                  (stats_socket != NULL ? 2 : 0), sizeof(char *));
>> Regards,
>> Olivier
> Works indeed, hard to spot :)
> Thanks a lot, I'll now get back to testing the actual reloads!
> Conrad

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