What does the input data look like?



From: "Michael F.W. Dreyfuss" 
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 1:22 PM
To: Matt Glasser <glass...@wustl.edu<mailto:glass...@wustl.edu>>
Cc: "Michael F.W. Dreyfuss" 
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Subject: Re: [HCP-Users] ROIs and Betas from Cifti Data

OK, I tried this:

wb_command -cifti-find-clusters 
FoodGo_HCP_mesh_TFCE_palm/FoodGo_results_merged_tfce_tstat_fwep.dscalar.nii 0 0 
0 0 COLUMN FoodGo_results_merged_tfce_tstat_fwep_ROIs.dscalar.nii -left-surface 

Where now I am using these 900 subject average files as templates. I though the 
-left-surface it was looking for was with the statistics run

The output of this is null, however. Nothing shows up on wb_view and 
-file-information gives:

Map   Minimum   Maximum    Mean   Sample Dev   % Positive   % Negative   
Inf/NaN   Map Name
  1     0.000     0.000   0.000        0.000        0.000        0.000         
0   #1

Am I doing something wrong still?


On Sep 20, 2016, at 1:59 PM, Glasser, Matthew 
<glass...@wustl.edu<mailto:glass...@wustl.edu>> wrote:

Presumably you have some of these if you have gotten this far?

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