Sorry, for the previous message, forgot to put a subject...

Hi,this time I'm having a more complicated question. Me and my team were
about to switch from Source 2007 to Alien Swarm Source, to make our mod
free, and to have access to the menu and loading UI and the Alien Swarm
assets. However, Source 2007 is now free, so that removed one of the big
advantages of ASW. Beside ASW, has tons of references directly to member
variables of other classes, which makes it very hard to make significant

What I'm wondering is, is this a good move in the long term ? I mean ASW,
and the ASW SDK are pretty much left to die by its devs, and there are about
two active mods... Unlike with ASW I can expect that there will be a Source
2009 update at some point with the Source SDK. Any suggestions or comments ?
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