Left 4 Dead will use the new matchmaking system we've been working on.

The new matchmaking system replaces the traditional server browser.  By running 
a public dedicated server your server will be added to a list of servers 
available for clients to use when playing.  Games are started from a Game Lobby 
by clients, who are then connected to a dedicated server when they start the 
game.  When they're done, your server is added back to the list of available 
servers.  Clients will be able to "Quick Match", "Play Online", and "Play With 
Friends" when they want to play a game.

You will still have access to the traditional Message of the Day for your 
server.  For Left 4 Dead, we've added a banner ad you can create that will be 
displayed to clients when they're playing on your server.  There is also a 
ranking system to show the popularity of your server.

This is the first version of what we've been working on, and we're going to 
want feedback from all of you once things start turning up tomorrow.


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