> On 30 Jul 2017, at 18:19, Michael Richardson <mcr+i...@sandelman.ca> wrote:
> I have read homenet-naming.
> It wasn't quite the document I was expecting.
> But rather seems to leverage upon a number of other draft-sctl* documents in 
> progress.
> What are the plans for draft-sctl-*?

I don’t think they’re cited in this draft. Many of them are over in the dnssd 

See Stuart’s deck from Prague for context:

> and then there is draft-ietf-mid-mpvd-ndp-support as a normative reference.
> Will homenet will to adopt that too?
> So it seems that I have to read the other documents in detail before I can
> make any clear opinion as to how this all fits together.
> (I think I've missed the last two homenet WG meetings due to conflicts; I
> should watch them on meetecho recording to learn more I guess)

It turned out that only 4 people had time to read them for Prague. 

The interesting twist is the pushback on multicast for future specs. 

I agree it’s early for an adoption call, likewise for the draft-sctl-* drafts 
in dnssd.


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