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You still confuse me. Someone who is not on the Board cannot submit a motion (email or otherwise). I am certainly not aware of any motion made by a member of the Board which has not been handled entirely in public.

'Since you are on the SLOB list I am not surprised, but since I am not, how can I know?'

The meetings of the Board are public. Yes, I am on the SLOBs list, and I can assure you there is nothing secret happening there. Your continued assertions that Board members are somehow deliberately acting behind the backs of SL members is not helpful. Your assertion that Board members are not acting promptly and decisively is not supported by the record and is also not helpful.

So far in my tenure, we have had one meeting where there was not a quorum. This, of course, required action by email vote. Which was done.


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    Could you be specific on the necessary procedural actions that the
    Board did not take?

Consideration of motions visible to Members.

    Note that the Oversight Board/decisions page does not show the
    GSOC mentor motion as passed.

Since it passed it says:

    AGREED MOTION 2016-34

    Could you be specific on instances where the Board voted
    privately? Since most of this activity occurs during Board
    meetings which are public, and which you frequently attend - I see
    nothing private there.

"Most of this activity occurs during Board meetings" is factually false, because motions can be posted and deliberated and voted on via email for 7 days after they are posted, irrespective of that 7 day period coinciding with a monthly board meeting, and most recent motions have been posted via email and not seen any consideration visible to members from most board members.

The problem is not that the board has voted completely privately, but that the board appears not to have voted at all - yet there is no way of knowing because votes _may_ be cast privately. In the last motion that was voted on, the GSOC one, Walter told me a private vote and I accept this on good faith but it is not ideal. Thus my latest motion.

    So you must be referring to email votes. These are and should be rare.

I have no idea why you think that.

    On the Oversight Board/decisions page, you should show motions
    decided by email vote. The only two I remember were the Quispe
    motion and the GSOC motion. I don't remember anything private in
    those votes.

Since you are on the SLOB list I am not surprised, but since I am not, how can I know?


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