On 30 June 2016 at 13:27, Tony Anderson <tony_ander...@usa.net> wrote:
> On 27 June 2016 at 08:42, Dave Crossland <d...@lab6.com> wrote:
> > Hi Tony
> >
> > On 21 June 2016 at 23:00, Dave Crossland <d...@lab6.com> wrote:
> >> Please provide me with 7 links to 7 emails on a public mailing list
> >> from 2016-05-05 to 2016-05-12 for each of the votes for this motion
> >> that you say you are aware of.
> >
> > Would you be willing to do this?

Thanks for taking the time to do attempt this :)

So, 4 of the votes were posted in private and you got them because you
are on the SLOB list; only 3 were public, and while you didn't provide
links that I can add to the Decisions page, I'll take your word for it

Previous on this thread you said:

- "I believe the actions of the board have been clear and made in public."

- "I don't remember anything private in those votes."

- "I am certainly not aware of any motion made by a member of the
Board which has not been handled entirely in public."

Given that 4 of the votes were posted in private, then I say those
statements are kindly mistaken.

Rather, I would say:

- the actions of the board have been clearly summarised (thank you
Walter) but not made in public

- you have now reported the votes for one motion not made in public

- that motion was therefore not handled entirely in public

> I think members should be able to keep their comments private.

I agree - I said earlier, "As you know I have engaged the SLOBs list
privately over legally sensitive trademark matters, which I hope
demonstrates that I understand and agree with the need for a private
board discussion forum."

> I'll try to look at the others, but I don't have more time at the moment.

Please don't worry about it - it is clear that providing the
membership with 7 links to 7 emails on a public mailing list for each
motion is impossible, until the board passes a motion requiring votes
to be emailed to the IAEP and SLOB lists in order to be counted as

As a SLOB member, would you be willing to post such a motion to
improve the operation of the project?
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