On Sat, 17 Sep 2016 16:51:37 -0500, John Laubenheimer wrote:

> It appears that the file was zipped using the 7-Zip utility; 7-Zip opens the 
> file nicely. This was probably done (accidentally?) because 7-Zip can create 
> a smaller file, reducing the time required to download, as well as reducing 
> the impact on the server.
>To me, this is somewhat bad technique on IBM's part. This doesn't seem to have 
>been documented anywhere, and requiring a 3rd party utility to read the file 
>is not really a good idea. But, 7-Zip works (and is free)!
The only non-third party utility I can think of that can open a zip is "jar".
Is that what you mean?  (And it might be a good validation.)

>Attn. Marna ... can you speak to this, and maybe get this corrected?
BTW, what's the URL?  I always get lost looking for it.


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