It's possible that someone at IBM has assumed that 7-Zip produces .zip files, 
which it does not.

7-Zip normally uses the file extension, or type, of ".7z", not '.zip".

It's unfortunate, but possibly not inadvertant, that the developers of "7-Zip" 
chose a product name that suggests they *are* related.
Because of the confusion, products that do support the industry-standard .zip 
file architecture have been pressured by their clients to implement support for 
.7z files.  It's clever. I'm reminded of the cuckoo.

Cheers all,

On 2016/09/18 7:51 AM, John Laubenheimer wrote:
To me, this is somewhat bad technique on IBM's part. This doesn't seem to have 
been documented anywhere, and requiring a 3rd party utility to read the file is 
not really a good idea. But, 7-Zip works (and is free)!
On 2016/09/18 12:41 PM, John Laubenheimer wrote:
I guess I should have said that I think that this is a mistake on IBM's part, 
and not an intentional change.

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