On Mon, 19 Sep 2016 15:32:12 -0700, Charles Mills wrote:

>Gee, it seems pretty obvious to me:
>- IBM intends to distribute as .zip
>- IBM uses the 7-Zip utility to make the intended .zip
>- Someone at IBM by mistake clicked 7z instead of zip as the desired 
>compression method in the 7-zip utility
Yes.  This seems very plausible to me.  I took the extracted archive
and re-archived it with 7-Zip (the interface is unfamiliar to me, but I
mastered it.)  I clicked zip and deflate.  The archive is 1% smaller
than that produced by Info-zip.  I extracted it again with z/OS 2.2
"jar".  (It took a l-o-o-o-ng time again.)  That extracted archive
again compared as identical to the one extracted previously.

I wonder how long it will take IBM Docs to recover from such a
simple finger fumble?

But I believe 7-Zip would have created an archive with suffix .7z.
Did someone foolishly rename it, blithely ignoring Windows' warning
that "You really shouldn't want to do that; it can make Bad Things
happen"?  And someone further compounded the mess by associating
".zip" with 7-Zip, concealing the error.

Should I at least write to the 7-Zip guys and say it would be a courtesy
to the supplier and the customer to issue a prompt, "This appears not
to be a .zip archive.  Do you wish to continue?"

-- gil

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