Edward Finnell wrote:
How hard would it be to ask Would you prefer .7Z or .zip? Or auto-detect. I
  can bumble in the jungle but this is just ludicrous.

Well, it's amusing, bless IBM's pointy little head, but in this election year, you've got a lot of competition to push past in order to grab the ludicrous ring :)

Anyway, I downloaded the manual set, noticed I couldn't unzip it, and by the 
time I clicked back into my mail reader,
someone on this very list had said, "7zip".

So I googled "7zip open source" and found there was an open source 7zip decoder.

So I scp'ed the archive to my OpenBSD machine, found the 7zip decoder conveniently already installed (some other package I had intentionally installed had a prereq for 7zip so magically it was added without me noticing), and unpacked the archive successfully.

This all took 15 minutes including the download.

The take-away from the tempest is that familiarity with open source, finding it, downloading it, building it, installing it, and even authoring it,
is the salvation of the data center career in this era of the Twilight of the 

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