This discussion has not quite devolved into a full-fledged snarkfest, but I 
feel somewhat wounded by an earlier post dismissing us z-whiners for having 
lost our lust for digital adventure. Here is what we are: grownups working for 
companies large or small that are motivated by their own long-term interests. 
It takes only one software-piracy lawsuit to devour far more than our own 
contribution to the bottom line. We have to live by rules that may or may not 
be intended to protect us. The penalty for violating corporate policy can be 
severe in the extreme.

What we are not: sophomores hunched over a personal computer in our parents' 
basement, where we're free to do whatever we want as long we don't get grounded 
for missing curfew. What the PFK can get away with in his private world has no 
bearing on how we are obliged to solve business problems at the behest and 
pleasure of real business owners. 

It may be true that historically we had a lot more latitude than we do today. I 
lament the good ol days as much as the next person, but then is not now. And 
BTW Dilbert is real. Batman is imaginary. Just look around your office to see 
the difference. 

J.O.Skip Robinson
Southern California Edison Company
Electric Dragon Team Paddler 
SHARE MVS Program Co-Manager
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Thanks, all, for the further enlightening input. As you can see from Kevin's 
response clipped below, something nefarious did indeed befall the 4949 zip 
package somewhere along the way. He's investigating and will get it resolved as 
soon as possible.

In the meantime, the zip of indexed PDFs will post sometime today, so you can 
use that instead. We'll alert you when it's available.

On 09/20/16 8:19 AM, Kevin Minerley wrote:
> Tony:
> I stand corrected.  I only checked the unzip with 7-zip as I've been doing 
> for years so it worked for me and I, wronglyk, "assumed" it was working as 
> usual; however, it appears, the manufacturing process changed.  I am trying 
> to find out why and how and see if we can get another more "standard" zip put 
> up on IBM Publications Center.
> It will take some time as I don't own that end of the process and it's been a 
> "black box" for years.
> Kevin Minerley
> zOS, zVM, zVSE Softcopy CKIT/PKIT architect
Sue Shumway
z/OS Product Documentation Lead
IBM Poughkeepsie

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