Joel C. Ewing wrote:
Unfortunately in a large corporate environment you may have a large
number of users with access to workstations who are not sophisticated
enough to understand software licensing distinctions.

My experience in Fortune 100 Land is that these policies readily transmute themselves into tools for maintaining the status quo
and shielding the incompetent rather than protecting the institution or the 

My suggestion is that institutions create trained cadres of Open Source Officers (OSO, The Bear) and have one in each technical
dep't. empowere to approve/disapprovite in a timely fashion all requests to 
install specific open source packages.

If the glasshouse doesn't get a shovel handy, it's going to suffocate under its own mountain of bullfeathers. When I was younger and studying
Roman history, I could understand the Roman Republic and the early Empire, but 
found the Byzantine Era impenetrable. At this
point in my life, I understand the Byzantine Era much better than I did before!

Jack J. Woehr     # Science is more than a body of knowledge. It's a way of # thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe # with a fine understanding of human fallibility. - Carl Sagan

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