OK, so I'm weird. That should be well known around here <grin>. I'm really
getting into System REXX to help replace what CA-OPS/MVS does in our shop
(remember we're dying and OPS license expires in Feb 2017).

What I am doing is using the MPFLSTxx member of PARMLIB to run a user exit,
given to me by Dana Mitchell, called MPF2REXX which sets up some REXX
variables then uses the AXREXX facility to run a System REXX program.

What would make some coding easier would be if I could do an ADDRESS
SYSCALL. Unfortunately, this environment is not on the list of environments
available in either (TSO & non-TSO) server. What I'm trying to do is
emulate the use of "global" CA-OPS/MVS variables. I.e. variables which can
be created in any rule and read / modified / deleted in any other rule. The
easiest way that I've thought of is to have a UNIX directory dedicated to
this functionality. I could then use the SYSCALL functions to create / read
/ write / delete files in this directory. The name of the file in the
directory would be the same as the CA-OPS/MVS "global" variable.

Unfortunately, all that I can think of to do is to use System REXX's
axrcmd() function to do a START command to run an STC which is a batch TMP
to run yet another REXX command to process the message. Passing all the
data to the new STC may be a bit of a bother too. You need to know that I'm
stuck on z/OS 1.12 and don't have a lot of the nice new JCL facilities
(such as being able to programmatically read JCL symbols from // SET

Does anyone have a different idea how to emulate CA-OPS/MVS global
variables in System REXX programs, preferably in a non-TSO server?

Heisenberg may have been here.

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Maranatha! <><
John McKown

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