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> Don't make your mph exit serial. Just issue a 'F AXR,rexxname parm' to
> start the Rexx msg handler. This way the Rexx will wait until a TSO region
> is available, but your exit is not waiting for it to start.

‚ÄčThe AXREXX macro has SYNC=NO,TSO=YES . I was told by the production person
that she was missing some "job started" messages. At present, we are
running parallel with the CA-OPS/MVS rule which sends out the TSO message
as well. The user reported that she was getting the OPS message, but not
the System REXX message. I am assuming that she is telling me what she saw.
Unfortunately, there is nothing in the z/OS SYSLOG which I can look at.

I'm going to put in some debugging output and go back to using a TSO server.

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