Don't make your mph exit serial. Just issue a 'F AXR,rexxname parm' to start 
the Rexx msg handler. This way the Rexx will wait until a TSO region is 
available, but your exit is not waiting for it to start.


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>> On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 8:31 AM, Dana Mitchell <> wrote:
>> On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 07:31:16 -0500, John McKown <
>>> wrote:
>>> What I'm trying to do is emulate the use of "global" CA-OPS/MVS
>> variables. I.e. variables which can
>>> be created in any rule and read / modified / deleted in any other rule.
>> John,
>> I emulated the services of Netview global variables (albeit inelegantly)
>> by using a rexx function that created a traditional MVS dataset for each
>> global variable.
> ​I was trying to avoid that. Creating a UNIX file is significantly faster
> than creating a z/OS data set. ​
>> Depending on your number of variables and update frequency, this may or
>> may not be the best solution but it works in our environment.
>> ​<snip>
> ​Thanks for the example code.
> As an aside, I had to create a variant of your MPF2REXX. It is identical,
> but has TSO=NO to create a non-TSO server. The reason is because I tried
> using MPF2REXX to issue alert specific TSO users when specific batch jobs
> start (message IEF403I). The production control person at night likes this
> because she prints a list of critical path jobs to be run that night. When
> she gets the TSO message, she marks the job off the list. The problem is
> that there is a maximum of 8 TSO servers. And the way she schedules the
> jobs, about 10 take off all at the same time. This results in some of the
> message for a tracked job to not be sent because there is no server
> available. I created the new program to invoke the REXX program in a
> non-TSO server, of which there are 64.​
> ​I simply use the axrcmd() to do a z/OS console SEND command instead of a
> TSO SEND command, which is what was being used in CA-OPS/MVS. I really
> don't much care for this processing, but she's been doing it that way for
> years and it comforts her. Because she is the last of the production
> people, I figure that I need to make her job as simple as I can for her.​
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