On Thu, 13 Oct 2016 16:01:16 -0400, Farley, Peter wrote:

>You do not comprehend the depth of the fear of failure in large, audited 
>business organizations.
>Also the "verification" you propose that we use for ABO output has no 
>programmed tool yet to perform the verification automatically...
To be fair, Bill discussed automated comparison of generated binaries
from identical source, allowing for timestamp differences.  But, then,
why recompile?

We performed such a comparison, exhaustively, at the transition from
Assembler H to HLASM.  Successfully.

Perhaps once earlier, when we encountered and programmed around an
Assembler H code generation bug that IBM was calling WAD.  IBM finally
repaired it by PTF (did a customer more influential than we finally report it?)
A very cautious manager, learning that IBM had modified Assembler code
generation, required that we perform such a comparison, circumvention
in place, before and after PTF.  When the comparison succeeded, we saw
no need to remove the circumvention.

-- gil

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