Being in the financial services business, I'm with you on this.  Any program 
change requires full regression testing, including "just a recompile".  We do 
not recompile at all once changed source code is tested by the developer and 
moved into QA.  All moves into QA and into Prod are just IEBCOPY operations.  
Code is tested and quality assured as-is from the developer.

It is the developer's responsibility to make sure nothing broke and that new 
function operates as specified.  ABO does not change that mandate, so it had 
better have been done before the developer performs the required testing and 
certifies a change as "ready for QA".

The potential impact of an un-caught bug or even just an unexpected change in 
business process behavior on the reputation and client base of a company is 
immense and cannot be ignored (especially in this social-media-frenzied 
environment), and I would venture to say that any any business type you care to 
name has that same risk.


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Coming from the banking and Utilities background, it was required that any 
changes made in a
production environment be tested prior to implementation, and include backout 
While I believe that ABO can very much help old COBOL modules (and even those 
sites that don't
have corresponding source code), it is a change.  Your industry may have 
different compliance
requirements.  From a performance analyst perspective, I'd have much interest 
in the before and
after effect of implanting ABO.  Seems like a good session for SHARE for anyone 
who can collect the


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