On 10/15/2016 7:56 AM, Barbara Nitz wrote:
When we started working with our z13, IBM recommended to use the integrated 
console(s) that are defined as HMCS to z/OS. So we put in the definition and 
managed to IPL the first system in each sysplex with the HMCS console instead 
of Operating System Messages console, which is hard to handle.

Today I had a rude awakening when I attempted to IPL a second system using the 
HMCS console. The console would not activate or stopped working after NIP 
messages were through. Fortunately this was a sysplex, so I could do the rest 
of the startup from my SDSF console. Then I went reading about HMCS.

Can someone please confirm that my current understanding of HMCSs is correct?
1. One and only one HMCS can be specified in each sysplex. (If not, how do I 
assign  a name to it?)
2. I can vary that console offline, and I can delete the console definition as 
a whole.
3. Once an HMCS was active in the sysplex, it will stay assigned to that system 
it was first activated on.
4. There is no way to 'move' the HMCS to a different system. (If not, how do I 
do it?)

Thanks in advance,


Found this as well: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/iea/pdf/zOS_V2R1_BCP_Consoles_HMCS_-_Integrated_320_Console.pdf

Tom Conley

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