>I've noticed SHARE and IBM Tech-U presentations full of the same silly
>example that can't possibly work. They recommend exactly what you have:
>CONSOLE DEVNUM(HMCS) NAME(HMCS) etc. which is a single system definition...
>What you need is something like: CONSOLE DEVNUM(HMCS)

Ah, now I know why "IBM" gave me that example! And it works great for a 
monoplex (which we had at that the time I first used it, so I ignored the 
niggle of doubt that had noticed that the console name is HMCS and that there 
can be only one console of that name in any given plex). 

It came to me in a flash of blinding insight while preparing dinner tonight 
that I need to change the name to HMCS&sysname. We use 4 character system 
names, and then it will probably work as advertised.

The example from the IEA shows HMCS&sysclone. as name, and since &sysclone 
isn't used anywhere in my current installation, I kept wondering how that would 
distinguish the consoles. Silly me.

Now, since I deleted the console definition for SMCS, I wonder if the next IPL 
with the corrected definition will allow me to activate an HMCS on every system 
in the sysplex, even on the system where it was activated once and deleted 
from, or if I'll need a sysplex-wide IPL. I guess I'll test that on Monday 
morning in the sandplex. 

Thanks for being a sounding board... :-) and have a great rest of the weekend!


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