Hi Tom,

>I found this forum post, which says you can have one HMCS console per
>z/OS image (WTW).

I have this in my (shared) CONSOLxx:
        INTIDS(Y) LEVEL(ALL) UNKNIDS(Y)                   

I had assumed that this definition would give me one HMCS per system in the 
4-way sysplex, but that does not seem to be the case:
D C,F,CN=HMCS                                                      
CNZ4100I 16.02.52 CONSOLE DISPLAY 102                              
CONSOLES MATCHING COMMAND: D C,F,CN=HMCS                           
MSG:CURR=0    LIM=2000 RPLY:CURR=15   LIM=99    SYS=KFW2     PFK=00
HMCS      TYPE=HMCS     STATUS=STDBY-xxx4                          
   ATTRIBUTES ON xxx4                                              
      AUTH=(MASTER)    CMDSYS=*            NBUF=0        SUPSBY=Y  
      DEV=NONE         LOGON=OPTIONAL      USERID=N/A              
      MFORM=(M)        AREA=(Z,A)          PFKTAB=*DEFAULT         
      USE=FC  DEL=RD   RTME=2    RNUM=5    SEG=19    CON=N         
      MONITOR=(NONE)                       INTIDS=Y  UNKNIDS=Y     

In a 3 or 4-way sysplex, I see no way to tell z/OS to use *one* HMCS per 
*system*, much less how to specify which system should have which HMCS console 
assigned if I were to specify a different name (which I am not sure that I can, 
hence my question). 

This was the first system to be IPL'd on the z13, and I am unable to open a 
second HMCS in that sysplex. No attention generating thing I can think of gets 
me the HMCS to the other system. (And it would work on a z196 with z/OS 2.1, so 
it is not the old hardware.)

In the other sysplex there was one system that was IPL'd on  the z13 using the 
HMCS, but we had to go back to the old hardware. This time around we moved a 
different system from that sysplex to the z13, so that console named HMCS was 
still defined to the other system. While the HMCS worked fine during NIP for 
the second system, it stopped working once NIP was over. I am able to delete 
that HMCS console definition, but now no HMCS console works. I did not see a 
way to get *the* HMCS attached to a different 'owning' system.

So FWIW, I very much doubt that one HMCS per z/OS image can be activated. It 
seems to me (from what I remember when I did console support, admittedly before 
console restructure) that we are talking about one HMCS console per sysplex.

That's why I am asking here.

Best regards, Barbara

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