Hi, Gord -- thanks for requesting clarification!

For this article, I'm interested in IBM mainframe usage outside the US. Canada is of interest whether or not mainframe experiences there are similar to US, included but not limited to issues dealing with IBM. If it's all similar to the US, I'll mention that and if it's different, I'll explore that.

Gord Tomlin <gt.ibm.li...@actionsoftware.com> said:

On 2017-08-08 15:37, Gabe Goldberg wrote:
> If you're running a non-US mainframe

Hi Gabe,

To clarify: do you mean an IBM mainframe that happens to be situated
outside the US, a mainframe (non-IBM) that originated outside the US, or

Also, is Canada of interest to you? I think you would find the
experiences very similar to those of US users, other than those related
to dealing with IBM.


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