Hello Gabe,

some points to check out. I am based in Singapore, and have been here for the 
last 20 years supporting a large mainframe datacenter.

o. Daylight Savings Time changes - we don't do that at the system level. Any 
country that does have DST changes must have supporting code in application.

o. Fonts etc - must be aware of the requirements of the various ASIAN 
languages, and be able to provide suitable fonts and code translations.

o. The effects of different laws in different countries, and ensuring the data 
center complies with all. Both in program code, and personal behavior.

o. Surviving time zone differences between Singapore and all other places.

o. Hardware/software - we get very good support.

o. Patience is required when dealing with users - different language skills, 
different cultural impacts, varying knowledge levels.

o. Crypto support - US export laws can be an issue.


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