Paul Gilmartin wrote:

>Also, just curious, I understand that on tape a block <18 (? still?) is 
>bypassed as a noise record.  

Wow! Interesting! Where is that documented?

>But it's possible that with RECFM=VB the last block might, by happenstance, 
>consist of as few as 8 bytes (BDW=8; RDW=4).  How do tape drivers deal with 
>this?  Poorly?  With RECFM=VBS, a null segment could be used for padding.

Now you made me curious. [1] Damn! ;-) 

I really hope someone can answer you...

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

[1] - Currently outside my scope of work, but hey, I worked with that things as 
a Storage Admin in the prehistoric days. 8-)

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