I've done the same thing. In my case, it was TSOE TRANSMIT, which at the time 
used VIO for the temporary data set created for transmission purposes. That can 
be changed in PARMLIB IKJTSOxx TRANSREC to something other than VIO. VIO really 
makes no sense in a modern mainframe environment but  can still cause mischief 
if not throttled back. 

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>The access methods detect the key=0, count=0 records and process them as EOF, 
>which is how they signify the end of a PDS member.  Every member has an EOF 
>record with the rare exception of a member that ends at the end of the track 
>on the last track of a data set.  ...
VIO has its own surprising rules.  I once (circa XA) caused paging space 
exhaustion by reading an uninitialized data set allocated as

-- gil

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