scott Ford wrote:

I see that J R replied to you, but I am still really confused about your post. 
Since this is about code page, I am probably on a different [code] page ... 
(yes, yes, that was an intended crrrrrruel pun and I will not turn a new page, 
mind you... ;-D ) 

>I need some help on localization for codepages. The issue is we use a '~' as a 
>end of messages delimiter. 

Ouch.... Where is that delimiter '~' and in what code page is that? In EBCDIC 

>We have a customer wanting to use a different code page . Ebcdic codepage 285 
>to ascii codepage 437 .. We place a '~' which is a x'A1' which inside the 
>normal Ebcdic 1140 codepage is x'7E', in 285 it is x'BC' which isn't 
>translating . 

Where do they want to use that code page? On IBM z/OS [what release?] or after 
a FTP (or FTPS/SFPT) on a different toy machine?

>We can't use national language support yet, so we have been using a translate 
>table ezacic04 from CICS sockets.

This table? Ok, please educate me, where are you getting that table? 

It looks to me you got a difficult octopus to play with... Ouch ...

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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