PMFJI here, but ISTM that something is wrong with your translate table(s).  
Character tilde is X'A1' in code page 1140 (aka 037), and tilde is X'7E' in 
both IEC-8859-1 (LATIIN-1) and in UTF-8.  Doe the Java server not use either 
UTF-8 or IEC-8859-1?  Does your translate to "ASCII" not convert the tilde to 
X'7E' on the way to the Java server?

Translating IEC-8859-1 or UTF-8 at the Java server back to code page 285 (UK 
EBCDIC) on the way out from that server should result in the tilde becoming 
X'BC'.  Does that conversion not happen?

In other words, where in the process does the translation break down?


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We are using EZACICTR..we build a message inside our STC and convert EBCDIC 
data to ASCII data based on a Parm, I.e.; codepage=uk is in side the 
EZACICTR the entry is selected data converted, then encrypted and a 
socket-write issued to a Java server. Part of our message build for example 
maybe create a list of RACF userids, at the very end we add a '~' to tell the 
Java server that's the end of data. We have done used the COBOL codepage 1140 
for EBCDIC data..the Java server is using codepage 437. All characters are good 
no problems. Using a different EBCDIC codepage from EZACICTR yields a tilde on 
z/OS but not on the Java server..hence the problem..

Any ideas ?


On Mar 6, 2018, 1:16 PM -0500, Charles Mills <>, wrote:
> Don't confuse glyphs with code points. ~ is perhaps a delimiter for humans 
> who are perceiving glyphs visually but not for software that is processing 
> code points in binary. It would facilitate clearer thinking to say "we are 
> using x'something' (what? My poor old yellow card does not even have ~) as a 
> delimiter, and then translating that to ASCII before sending it to software 
> which expects the message to be delimited with x'something'."
> Charles
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> scott Ford wrote:
> I see that J R replied to you, but I am still really confused about your 
> post. Since this is about code page, I am probably on a different [code] page 
> ... (yes, yes, that was an intended crrrrrruel pun and I will not turn a new 
> page, mind you... ;-D )
> > I need some help on localization for codepages. The issue is we use a '~' 
> > as a end of messages delimiter.
> Ouch.... Where is that delimiter '~' and in what code page is that? In EBCDIC 
> or ASCII?

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