scott Ford wrote:

>We are using EZACICTR..we build a message inside our STC and convert EBCDIC 
>data to ASCII data based on a Parm, I.e.; codepage=uk is in side the 
>EZACICTR the entry is selected data converted, then encrypted and a 
>socket-write issued to a Java server. Part of our message build for example 
>maybe create a list of RACF userids, at the very end we add a '~' to tell the 
>Java server that's the end of data. We have done used the COBOL codepage 1140 
>for EBCDIC data..the Java server is using codepage 437. All characters are 
>good no problems. Using a different EBCDIC codepage from EZACICTR yields a 
>tilde on z/OS but not on the Java server..hence the problem..

Ok, I understand. Thanks. 

>Any ideas ?

Perhaps you can generate all characters from x'00' to whatever limit there is 
and see what character yields a tilde?

Sorry, I can't help here (I am not a Java guy...). If you can't get help, I 
believe you should submit a formal request to fix it?

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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