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> When the disaster hits, you may not be one of the survivors.
> So plan needs to be prepared and ready in advance such that
> any admin could execute it.

​Yes, that is what I am in the process of doing. But I need to develop
something first. We lost a lot of our D.R. software during the "z/OS is
dead and being buried" era which just recently was recanted.​

> For us, Sungard labels the floor volumes as SGxxxx.
> A VM guest definition should be provided to you in advance with
> dasd definitions such as:
> *
> * 3390-27
> *
>  LINK DASD 5800 5800 MW
>  LINK DASD 5801 5801 MW
>  LINK DASD 5802 5802 MW

​Yes, Sungard does that. But we, in general, don't know the exact
configuration until just before the D.R. test. So I need to write something
which will either restore a ADRDSSU backup or run ICKDSF to initialize each
of our volumes which we plan to use at D.R. That is where UNIX comes in for
me. We restore our "infrastructure" volumes on the floor system. And we
initialize things like work & page volumes. So I know what our volume names
are, but I can't be 100% sure of what Sungard will give us. I wrote an
"lsdasd" which I can use like: "lsdasd SG\*" which will list all online
volumes starting with SG. I can take that into a program (probably awk)
which will generate the JCL needed to restore or initialize one of our
volumes for each entry in that list.

> You should be able to use that as input to a script to generate
> the JCL.  A prelimary step for us is to always issue vary online
> commands on the floor system to verify that they really gave us
> all the devices they were supposed to.   Sometimes they miss a
> few which fouls up the DBS restore job.

​We don't have DBS any more, so that can't happen {grin}.​

We all have skeletons in our closet.
Mine are so old, they have osteoporosis.

Maranatha! <><
John McKown

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