Then you should submit an RCF. That is incorrect.

If fact, I cannot think of any AMODE/RMODE combination which it would be valid
as it returns via BR 14.

Well.....  if your program is 24/24 and you load it above the line, and you
wish this convoluted code.....

                         L         15,ep
                         CALL  (15),....,LINKINST=BASSM
                         SAM24 ,

but never a need when it is linked in.

On Mon, 16 Apr 2018 08:12:57 +0000 "Ward Able, Grant" <>

:>Just a quick note to all who have so kindly responded. I am going to be out 
of the office for this week and will look at these responses in more detail 
when I get back.
:>I used LINKINST, as this was mentioned in the DB2 KC as my program is 
AMODE(31) RMODE(24). 
:>Regards – Grant
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:>Sent: 15 April 2018 21:10
:>Subject: Re: Assembler calling DSNTAIR
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:>I use this code to get the error message from DSNTIAR
:>CALL_PARM       DS      0F
:>PARM_1          DC      A(SQLCA)
:>PARM_2          DC      A(MSGLEN)
:>PARM_3          DC      A(MSGSIZE)
:>MSGSIZE         DC      F'72'           LENGTH OF EACH LINE
:>MSGAREA         DS      H,CL(20*72)
:>                ORG     MSGAREA
:>MSGLEN          DC      AL2(20*72)      20 lines of 72 bytes
:>MSG_TEXT        DS      CL72
:>                ORG
:>        LA      R1,CALL_PARM
:>        L       R15,=V(DSNTIAR)             DSNTIAR EXPANDS THE ERROR
:>        BASR    R14,R15
:>        LA      R4,MSG_TEXT     POINT TO FIRST 72 BYTE LINE
:>        LA      R5,20           20 LINES
:>LOOP    EQU     *
:>        output  72 bytes to wherever (check >= blanks)
:>        LA      R4,72(,R4)
:>        BCT     R5,LOOP
:>Warning - there could be typos in the above.
:>You could also check R15 after the call and output a message if not 0. The 
routine used to have 8 lines but in V8 or V9 of DB2 we got RC=4 because the 
message did not fit. As a result we changed to 20 lines.
:>Hope it helps.
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