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> But it always helps to have the "other" around. In fact the more others 
> the better it will get I hope
> ram

Thanks Ram. At any rate, I am not interested in exchanging insults and
accusations.(It's not a woman's way, honestly ;-)) Those who are capable
of seeing the point, would have seen it already.So here's at least a
couple of points- as to what can be done:

1. I am pasting below a link- though not Indian in context, still
helpful. Even those of you who have seen it earlier, please try to go
through it again, especially in the context of the postings on this


2. Secondly, if there is ever a discussion like this, all the men could
help by refraining from pointing out to the (lone) woman what is wrong
with her attitude / nature of her postings. Instead, it would help if
you pointed out to the people who are being obviously offensive that it
is not ok. I acknowledge and appreciate that a few of you have indeed
done that in this case, and I would like to thank them. And hope that
more of you do that. You see, help, appreciation, support- articulated
and expressed, would make the whole space more comfortable.

3. Perhaps I don't need to respond to the remark about women having to
accept men as they are- it has been responded to. But I just want to
make the point that it is the kind of remark that is enough to make a
woman want to withdraw from the list. No woman is obliged to accept any
man for what he is. (And vice versa). That remark illustrates the
attitude that men are god's gift to womankind. I am very sorry to
disillusion you, but they are most certainly NOT

4. Whenever the next meeting is scheduled, I will try to make it- if I
can arrange my schedule accordingly. Please do try and see if you know
any other women who would also come (I don't know of any at the moment).

I repeat, I did not enter this discussion in an accusatory tone. Nor am
I naive enough to believe that changes happen overnight, or that they
are complete when they do happen. But I am willing to try. All help from
anyone who thinks it's worthwhile- is welcome.

PS: I have had a mail addressed to me off-list, which is the kind of
thing I would say would put off less determined (stubborn?) women. But
here I am, nevertheless....

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