I am an habitual user of IMDbPY, I use it for my projects, and compared with
other similar tools I must say this is the best one! So, as an homage to the
hard work you do on it, I would like to contribute to the project a bit by
proposing a new style for the website. Of course I don't want to say that
you have to change the current one, but I would only try to create a new
one, and if you like it, well, we'll see..
I haven't created anything by now, I only would like to know if you like the
idea and if you have some preferences. If not, I'll start preparing
something and I'll show it.
Let me know.. Thanks!
   Alberto Malagoli
Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention
Research study explores the data loss prevention market. Includes in-depth
analysis on the changes within the DLP market, and the criteria used to
evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these DLP solutions.
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