I came back from holidays, and started working on the website redesign.
First of all, I would like to suggest a new logo... Here there are some
examples I made:

There are three main concepts, with some modifications on each of them. I
put only some combinations of the ideas, but others can be made. If you
don't like them, no problem :)
But if you like them, let me know which one you prefer or if you have some
ideas on how to change or combine them.

I also started working on the new look. I'll send you a first mockup with an
example soon.

 > By the way, could you add it to the list of programs using IMDbPY?
> Done!  Thank you!

Thank you too!

> > I also would like to ask you if want to add or remove something from the
> > current website, I mean some parts or pages, some text,
> Don't know... the "altar" tab can go away; the polls can be replaced
> with something more functional than the ones I've written.
> Besides that, it's just informative text.  I don't have any preferences
> about how it's organized (ok: no frames and no blinking texts ;-)

Ok.. I decided to join some menus, for a simpler navigation, renaming some
of them.
I still don't know how to replace the polls.. Which technology did you used
to write the current website?
Anyway, don't worry, I hate blinking texts :D

   Alberto Malagoli
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