> Unfortunately in the last months it's affected by many problems,
> due to the IMDb redesign and my total lack of free time. :-(

In fact, this is not a big problem by now, because in my program where I use
it, I just use a small part of it, and it work fine :)
By the way, could you add it to the list of programs using IMDbPY?
Here's the link:

> > So, as an homage to the
> > hard work you do on it, I would like to contribute to the project a bit
> by
> > proposing a new style for the website.
> Ehi, thank you for the offer!  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Do you have any ideas for the layout and the technologies to use?

You're welcome :)
Yes, I have some ideas, but I want to think about them a bit more, than I'll
send you some mockups..
But I want to inform you that in the next days I will be on holiday, so I'll
start working on it the next week!
I also would like to ask you if want to add or remove something from the
current website, I mean some parts or pages, some text, if you want to
change something or you prefer leaving the "informative" part (I mean text)


   Alberto Malagoli

p.s. Anyway, I'm italian too :)
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