So I began importing the data into a mysql database and everything seems to be 
going fine but this last step is taking abnormally long:

# TIME completeCast() : 0min, 0sec (wall) 0min, 0sec (user) 0min, 0sec (system)
# TIME fushing caches... : 0min, 2sec (wall) 0min, 1sec (user) 0min, 0sec 
# TIME TOTAL TIME TO INSERT/WRITE DATA : 58min, 11sec (wall) 23min, 50sec 
(user) 0min, 7sec (system)
building database indexes (this may take a while)
# TIME createIndexes() : 30min, 59sec (wall) 0min, 0sec (user) 0min, 0sec 
adding foreign keys (this may take a while)

The adding foreign keys bit has been taking roughly 8 hours. Should I restart 
the whole process or wait it out?

I also have a few other questions that I could not find in the documentation:

Once you have the database set up, is there a simple way to update it with the 
imdb text files they routinely release, or would you have to rerun the script 
with the new files?

If I'm making a webapp which could potentially receive a lot of requests, it'd 
be optimal to fetch the requests from the local database instead of through the 
web requests am I correct? Since the web requests scrapes the imdb pages and 
imdb frowns on that?

Thanks for the help!
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