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> Yeah the adding foreign keys is still going, and when I run top it seems
> like mysql is actually doing stuff with the CPU. I'm most likely going to
> rerun it and hope it works again in a timely fashion.

Doesn't looks good. :-(
Can you try again using the SQLAlchemy ORM?
Basically, you have to install it (if not already present on your system),
and add to the command line of imdbpy2sql.py: -o sqlalchemy

>> Re-run the script with the new dataset. No other way.
>> imdbIDs are (hopefully... se above) preserved between runs.
> Alright, will the script pass through the ones already in the database and
> be faster, or would it require the same amount of time?

The same time, sorry.  No way to do otherwise, trust me. :-)

> Do most apps that have been made with imdbpy use the local or web access for
> data?

Hmmm.... I guess that most of the person who does some kind of
analysis/heavy use of the data, uses the SQL access.
Plugins of media centers, small scripts and so on, mostly uses
the web access.

> Also what defines public redistribution, what I had in mind was
> something along the lines of having someone input a request for say an
> actor, and I have a script that spits back out a bunch of data/graphs using
> the imdb info, would that be allowed?

I'm not a lawyer and so my opinion is worth about zero, but... :-)
I guess that if you just process the data, show the result of this processing
and so on (i.e. you do some transformation on it, not just printing it out
exactly as taken from the db), you're on the safe side.
Also, don't forget to put links to the imdb.com site and a footer which
explain the copyright of the data.

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