> Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 15:35:43 +0100
> Subject: Re: [Imdbpy-help] imdbpy to mysql help
> From: davide.alber...@gmail.com
> To: dlm...@hotmail.com
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> On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 3:01 AM, D L <dlm...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > The adding foreign keys bit has been taking roughly 8 hours. Should I
> > restart the whole process or wait it out?
> Seems really slow.
> Is the db actually doing something?
> Anyway, the creation of indexes/foreign keys and the store/restore
> of imdbIDs at db updates seems to be slightly broken.
> Any help fixing it is welcome.

Yeah the adding foreign keys is still going, and when I run top it seems like 
mysql is actually doing stuff with the CPU. I'm most likely going to rerun it 
and hope it works again in a timely fashion.

> > Once you have the database set up, is there a simple way to update it with
> > the imdb text files they routinely release, or would you have to rerun the
> > script with the new files?
> Re-run the script with the new dataset.  No other way.
> imdbIDs are (hopefully... se above) preserved between runs.

Alright, will the script pass through the ones already in the database and be 
faster, or would it require the same amount of time?

> > If I'm making a webapp which could potentially receive a lot of requests,
> > it'd be optimal to fetch the requests from the local database instead of
> > through the web requests am I correct?
> You're correct.
> > Since the web requests scrapes the imdb pages and imdb frowns on that?
> Main point, it's much slower.
> Anyway, no matter what data you access (local or remote), I'm pretty sure
> that the lIMDb license forbid you to use it for anything that is not
> personal *and*
> non-commercial.
> I.e.: no money (not even *saved* money) from it, and no public redistribution
> of the data.
> HTH.

Do most apps that have been made with imdbpy use the local or web access for 
data? Also what defines public redistribution, what I had in mind was something 
along the lines of having someone input a request for say an actor, and I have 
a script that spits back out a bunch of data/graphs using the imdb info, would 
that be allowed? I wouldn't be making any money off of it, it'd just be a 
webapp tool. 
Once again thank you for the quick response. 

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