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Same issue here. The adding foreign keys part has been on for last 3 hours. 
Though it says,

# TIME createIndexes() : 54min, 4sec (wall) 0min, 0sec (user) 0min, 0sec 
adding foreign keys (this may take a while)

Did you find any fix for this? :( 


> On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 11:45 PM, D L <dlman8@...> wrote:
> >
> > Yeah tried that and ran it overnight, still no luck - it gets stuck on the
> > foreign keys part. I'm just trying this on my laptop, so I may just proceed
> > with using the web access for the data. Once I get everything set up for a
> > web hosting, I may try other databases such as sqlite to see if that works.
> D'oh! :(
> Versions of:
> - IMDbPY
> - SQLAlchemy
> - SQLObject
> - MySQL
> - python-mysqldb
> - python-migrate
> ?
> Anyway, if you interrupt it while it's creating the foreign key, maybe
> you can try to see which were already created, and add the missing
> one following the scheme you can find in imdb/parser/sql/dbschema.py
> Anyway, obviously I'll try to reproduce the problem, since it's not
> nice at all. :-/
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