Hello Inkscape people!
I haven't been active around here for a few months, so sorry for jumping into 
the conversation like this! (I haven't read all the other digests so please 
excuse my lack of context.)

I saw there's some talk about the English translation I started of the Floss 
manual in April this year (after seeing somewhere on the Inkscape website that 
we were waiting for the French manual to be translated). Elisa set it up on 
flossmanuals.net, and I translated the first few chapters (not the titles 
though, I didn't have access to them in the editor). Not everything was a 
straight translation, some things were more of an adaptation – sometimes I 
reworded/rearranged things to be clearer in English. Unfortunately a few weeks 
later I had to leave it because of work, but I see Sylvain has made great 
progress on it though!
Sylvain, if you need a hand getting through the rest of the chapters, I can 
help again – just let me know which ones you'd like me to work on, to avoid 
editing conflicts. I haven't checked through the translations you've done, 
would you like me to? I'm a native English speaker :)
P.S. Seems the mailing list and I are still not friends, I tried sending this 
email multiple times and it keeps bouncing back :( Hopefully this time it'll 

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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 14:45:55 -0600
From: "Brynn" <br...@frii.com>
Subject: Re: [Inkscape-docs] Inkscape Floss manual
To: <inkscape-docs@lists.sourceforge.net>,    "Sylvain Chiron"
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Hi Sylvain,
        Oh, well I didn't mean to short change you by thinking there were 2 
translators.  By the tone of Tuxun's message, I thought he (she?) was also 
        Would it be helpful to you, if you just aim for a rough translation, 
and I can review and "fine tune"?  I see that you are doing high quality 
work, and mostly alone, and I'm trying to think of a way to make it easier 
for you.  (and move the project along at the same time)


From: "Sylvain Chiron" <chironsylv...@orange.fr>
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 12:02 PM
To: <inkscape-docs@lists.sourceforge.net>
Subject: Re: [Inkscape-docs] Inkscape Floss manual

> Hi, and welcome back Mihaela!
> (I?m replying only to docs, I think it?s enough.)
> Le 11/10/2016 ? 16:37, Brynn a ?crit :
>>        Oh wow -- I didn't know we had 2 people working on the
>> translation -- that's great!  Thank you both  :-)
> Well, I think I?m alone actually:
> https://fr.flossmanuals.net/start-with-inkscape/_draft/_v/1.0/about-this-book/
> I remember Elisa started by creating most chapters just with the English
> name, and putting the translation for the first 4 or 5 chapters, then I
> told her that her English is bad ? :/. (I?m faithful to myself, you know.)
> I reviewed her texts and added some more translations.
> Actually I?m encountering a few problems in my work, making the
> translation process quite hard and long:
> * I have to review the original text so that it?s really good in matter
> of spelling, typography, HTML consistency, etc.;
> * I?m also trying to be rigour with technical terms and uniform with the
> current French translation of the software/docs;
> * I sometimes had to improve the pictures because they?re blurred, or to
> update the screenshots or the text because the manual was started with 
> 0.48;
> * some sentences are hard to understand, have a strange construct, or
> sometimes no real meaning, and I have to reflect, change, try, etc.;
> * and I?m also trying to improve the ?editorial quality? of the
> explanations because I feel it?s weird to translate something that?s not
> well-refined (I?m just an amateur translator, you know).
> I should probably aim for a simple review rather than a translation.
> Well, I told Elisa I was doing many corrections but wasn?t explicitly
> asked for a full and deep review. I?m lacking some initiative here ? :P.
> But the main reasons that explain why I didn?t go far is that I?m a bit
> out of Inkscape currently (I will be at least for a few months) and I?ve
> always been a bit far from the ?user? point of view maybe ? :P. So I?m
> still following what?s going on and I often give my evil opinion but I
> won?t involve more unless you regularly say ?hey man, we really need
> your exceptional skills right now.?
> Hopefully it won?t be the case too often and I?ll have time for my 
> studies.
>>        And thanks for the link.  I'll keep track of it this time.
> You?ve got a link to the French book on Inkscape.org:
> https://inkscape.org/en/contribute/to-do-list/
> The published version lacks my reviews though.
> The drafts are elsewhere? The current French draft is there:
> https://fr.flossmanuals.net/initiation-inkscape/_draft/_v/1.0/introduction/
>>        How is it going with the translating?  I guess we can only see 
>> what
>> has been translated so far?  Does the French version have a page for 
>> every
>> item in the menu on the left?
> Yes, there are something like 62 chapters in French.
> I think what you?re calling a ?page? is actually a ?chapter?. For Elisa,
> a chapter is a double page, with an explanation on the left, and
> illustrations on the right. (But apparently she didn?t use the ?Page
> break? button?)
> Chapters are organized in sections.
> The first 9 chapters are fully translated and should be perfect ? :P ?
> while I?m still waiting some opinion from Elisa.
> It?s long and exhaustive.
> Sorry for looking exhausted; this book is a very nice base but I?m not
> able to deal with it alone, as my personal skills are quite far from the
> author?s ones. Help please!
> I could think about reviewing the book in the coming months, one or two
> chapters per week, while something else would work on the translation.
> I need some feedback or attention regarding my work to go on, unless
> it?s quite mechanical such as an usual translation work.
> So we could probably have the English manual ready in a year or a bit 
> more.
> Regards,
> --
> Sylvain
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